Exterior Design Evolution

Great Design is a hallmark of DAF

The new premium exterior makes The New CF and XF the most attractive trucks on the road. And with the updated interior, drivers have an environment that makes their favourite truck even better.

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New Design Features

New design features ensure the new CF and XF are the most eye-catching trucks on the road. They also contribute to excellent aerodynamics to enhance your transport efficiency.

DAF truck services Cork

The sun visor has a new design to optimise aerodynamics and includes a stylish element for great exterior appeal.

DAF Truck Services Cork

The DAF logo has been redesigned with chrome edges and an attractive aluminium-look, symbolizing the trucks’ quality

DAF Truck Services Cork

Mesh on the grille gives the truck a strong, appealing and modern look.

DAF Truck Services Cork

For a high-end look, the lower bumper has an alu accent.

DAF Truck Services Cork

There’s a large panel above the DAF logo so you can add your company name.

DAF Truck Services Cork

A stylish DAF -logo in the doorstep welcomes the XF driver in the luxurious cab.

DAF Truck Services Cork
DAF Truck Services Cork

Class-leading interior

The New CF and XF build on the excellent standards of driver comfort for which the DAF trucks are renowned world-wide. 

DAF Truck Services Cork

Drivers dream

The New CF and XF build on the excellent standards of driver comfort for which DAF trucks are renowned worldwide. They offer the biggest interior space available on the market, the best and largest bunks and a completely new, attractive look and feel. The New CF and XF: the best a driver can get!

High-comfort climate control

The completely new climate control unit stands out in comfort and user-friendliness. It features one-touch defrosting, park ventilation, park heating with timer, rest heat and automatic air recirculation and can also be operated through the rear wall control unit. That means maximum comfort for the driver. In addition, the new temperature and climate control system is extremely efficient, supporting lowest total cost of ownership.
DAF Truck Services Cork
DAF Truck Services Cork

Even better driver information

We’ve further expanded driver information, making it easier to take effective action. The beautiful and clear instrument panel has new fonts and a new styling for even better readability. The Driver Information Panel also provides more information to increase driver comfort and efficiency. To enhance driver performance even further, settings are grouped on the instrument panel more logically and the Driver Performance Assistant (DPA) includes even more tips for economical driving

Driver-friendly interior lighting

We’ve completely redesigned the interior lighting with innovative rotary switch control. The control button is centrally located in the middle of the dashboard console so it’s within easy reach. The driver can select different lighting modes for various driving and resting conditions, and there’s also a dimming function. For highest convenience, there’s a toggle switch on the rear wall.
DAF Truck Services Cork
DAF Truck Services Cork

Driver-configurable switches

Thanks to smart vehicle electronics position of the individual switches can be adapted to personal preference of the driver. This adds to great driver comfort as well as maximum vehicle efficiency. These switches also make it easy for dealers and bodybuilders to add new functions without the need to install extra control panels.

Class-leading interior

New warm and tasteful sand colors of dashboard, seats, curtains, mattresses and side and back walls give the interior a great appearance in which every driver feels comfortable and at home. Summit of luxury and comfort is the new Exclusive Line. It is distinguished by the cognac colored dashboard and door panels, as well as the stylish vents in alu. A 5-star working and living environment.
DAF Truck Services Cork
DAF Truck Services Cork

Personalise your interior and discover the many new options available.

Discover the many seat options of the New CF and XF range.

DAF Truck Services Cork

Driveline Excellence

Industry-leading fuel efficiency is the result of a perfectly integrated driveline, featuring best-in-class engines, transmissions and rear axles.

The New CF and XF are powered by multi-torque PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines with new power ratings.

  • Engine Innovations

  • Extended Eco Mode

  • Lower Repair Costs

DAF Truck Services Cork
DAF Truck Services Cork

High-performance gearboxes

The New CF and XF come with the latest generation of TraXon automated gearboxes (12 and 16 speed). Fewer friction losses, even faster upshifts and the extended use of EcoRoll contribute to lowest fuel consumption, whereas driver comfort is enhanced thanks to its quiet and smooth operation and precise clutch actuation. The TraXon automated transmission also allows higher reductions in lowest gears through which even faster drive lines could be realized.

High-Efficiency Rear Axles

In addition these new engines and gearboxes, we’ve introduced high-efficiency rear axles with low-friction wheel ends. What’s more, a range of faster ratios starting from 2.05 enable lower engine rpm’s for highest fuel efficiency. To reduce friction losses, we’ve introduced ground differential gear sets and added new bearings and seals in the rear axle along with low-level, low-friction rear axle oil.

DAF Truck Services Cork
DAF Truck Services Cork

PACCAR MX-13 Technical Information Sheet

PACCAR MX-11 Technical Information Sheet

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The ideal base for any superstructure

Strong, light and superb handling

Pure excellence is also carried through in the new well thought out chassis. Manufactured from high-quality steel, it’s both strong and light. In tractor units and some rigids, the robust, lightweight rear axle is mounted with a Stabilink construction.

  • Light weight increases fuel savings and payload, for greater transport efficiency.
  • The Stabilink rear axle suspension ensures optimum roll stability, higher payloads and superb handling.

Maximum flexibility

The New CF and XF offer unmatched efficiency when it comes to chassis configurations. Components can be positioned to optimally meet your specific requirements for highest efficiency. In addition, there is ample of space for mounting pump systems, crane leg supports or large fuel tanks.

  • The smart chassis lay-out allows fuel tank volumes of up to no less than 1,500 liters on tractors.
  • Variation in chassis component positioning is almost endless for industry-leading flexibility.

Body builder-friendly

The new CF and XF offer an extensive Body Attachment Module (BAM) programme that offers excellent body builder friendliness. Specific modules are available for boxed bodies and the installation of cranes. Rigids have a standard hole pattern at rear for easy fitment of cross members and tail lifts.

  • Extended Body Attachment Program shortens build-up time.
  • A completely flat chassis and components installed on the inside add to great body builder friendliness.

Ultra-compact EAS unit

For the New CF and XF we developed a completely new and ultra-compact Emissions After-treatment System. It results in more free space at the chassis. For special applications, DeNOx installation and Diesel Particulate Filter don’t need to be split anymore. That also contributes to highest efficiency.

  • Ultra-compact EAS unit means more free chassis space.
  • It’s 50 kilograms lower weight directly translates into the additional payload.

ECAS air suspension

For excellent reliability, durability and functionality, the electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS) has been completely renewed. New functions include pressure ratio control, lift axle 2 control and pressure control of lift bellows. It also offers ECAS freeze and ECAS bump and freeze to stabilise the axle when operating auxiliaries like cranes and hook lifts. An innovative, easy-to-use remote control with illuminated buttons is connected to the seat.

  • New ECAS options ensure safer working during loading and unloading
  • Drivers enjoy precise control under all conditions using handy remote
DAF Truck Services Cork


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